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Why We Exist: Creating Opportunities on the Space Coast.

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March 14, 2024


A Growing Legacy on the Space Coast.


The Cocoa Beach Regional Chamber of Commerce has been an integral part of this community since the 1960s and remains the most trusted source of information on local businesses and a dependable ally in commerce. Over the decades it has been a witness and a lifeline to countless new businesses emerging into this region, integrating them into a network of like-minded individuals and creating an access point for growth and business development. Businesses who share the unique advantage of being a part of the Chamber are recognized as having a more reputable standing in the community compared to those that remain independent. We are currently seeing consistent growth with new partners joining us each month and new initiatives being unveiled this year.


For those who are not familiar with our organization, the Chamber hosts annual events, monthly group meetings, and weekly ribbon cuttings that give us the honor of acknowledging new business developments and presenting dignitaries to the community. This is an important piece of maintaining a connection with the community, however our impact is exceedingly more than this. Apart from these areas of involvement, the Chamber exists to be a catalyst, a convener, and a champion. We help to create job opportunities through the stimulation of industrial and commercial growth. The Chamber creates a legislative climate in which businesses can profit and increase employment which broadens the tax base. The Chamber encourages the improvement of community facilities and the development of human resources. The Chamber acts as a mediator and an identifier of public issues that will affect the community at large. By nature, we are an interconnected group of businesses and professionals working together to increase local commerce and to serve their communities more effectively than can be done individually. History will show that the impact of the Chamber has extended far beyond these points, and new strategies are constantly being developed to reach areas that have yet to be touched.


Jimmy Lane, President and CEO of the Cocoa Beach Regional Chamber of Commerce, brings a new vision to what it means to be a Chamber and what it means to invest in the Chamber. For Lane, partnership with the Chamber is synonymous with success. “We want to position ourselves as being aspirational, yet attainable. An organization where people want our influence, they want us to be a part of what they're doing, and they use our leadership to affect key quality of life initiatives. Our supporters might not always understand what we do, but they believe that being a part of this is going to be extremely beneficial.”


The Cocoa Beach Regional Chamber of Commerce serves as the catalyst for ensuring our partners’ success through business development, enhanced visibility, relationship building, and advocacy on issues that advance economic growth. We provide the space where businesses can share their pain points, and act as the table between the needs and the provisions of the community. The Chamber is connecting employers with organizations and education systems to improve the workforce and build up leaders that will go on to create generational change and growth. Through all of this, the Cocoa Beach Regional Chamber of Commerce gives partners a seat at the table to affect the future planning in the community, and work towards the primary vision of the Chamber, which is to improve overall quality of life.


If you are interested in learning more about the Chamber and getting involved, please visit or reach out to Cheryl Clark,


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